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To the members of the Forum, I am sorry to say I have taken it down. It was Hacked on 9-10-13 by Supposed Muslim Hackers. The forum was not doing anything anyways due to lack of interest I guess. 

To the Hackers,

If you have come back to see if your damage has been corrected, it has and you can't cause any more trouble here. If you think you are going to get sympathy from Americans by doing stupid stuff like hacking someone's site, your wrong. All you are doing is creating more hatred towards the Muslim world. Some of us know the truth about what is going on in your homeland in the Middle East. We try our best to inform people and if you would quit listening to the propaganda your media and leaders put out, start listening to the truth about what the majority of Americans believe, we could get along. But that will never happen as you are driven by satan and the false gods allah and mohammad that you worship! The war-mongers in America have satan and false gods driving them to. There are no 72 virgins waiting for you only the lake of fire that you will burn in forever and ever! You can escape the terrible fate that awaits you.

Jesus Christ the Son of the living GOD died for you and he can take your Hatred away. I used to hate you too but that is all gone now praise Jesus. If you would like to have peace and Love in your Heart you need to cry out to Jesus who you WILL see one day coming through the clouds. He will be coming to take you away to be with him as your Savior, or he will be coming to DESTROY you!!  It is your Choice! That goes for anyone reading this not just the Muslims!

Here is how you can be saved and Jesus will take away your Sins and be your Lord and Savior. Go to anyone of these Three Links and it will tell you how

How to be Saved

What and Who is a True Christian

What is the greatest Question in the Universe?

And who is causing all of the War and Hatred in the World